How to care for your little ones in springtime

How to care for your little ones  in springtime

It's a proven fact that our little ones are very sensitive to the seasons and temperatures they face throughout the year. Their needs are different in the fall than they are in the spring and they need you to make sure that your activities are adapted to their little ones, because like us, they need a winter coat but also a spring and fall coat.

We know that the well-being of your little ones is important to you. In the winter, you don't take them out when it's too cold, and you put moisturizer on them more often to prevent their skin from drying out. In the summer, you make sure they have hats and sunscreen to protect them from the sun's rays. 

So how do you make sure your little ones have a safe and fun spring season? That's what we're going to tell you in this brand new blog post! 

Enjoy the vitamin D we've been missing!

Even though the weather is getting warmer, dressing your little ones well when you go outside will save you a lot of stuffy noses and cold faces!  

They usually need a little more clothing than you to keep them warm. This is normal, since their temperature control is not as good as that of an adult.  

What's the best way to make sure your little ones don't get cold? Diaper on diaper! This technique will give you more flexibility to remove pieces of clothing from your little ones if you realize that they are too hot. By checking their body temperature regularly, you can easily adjust!

Don't be fooled by the timid spring sun

For both you and your little ones, nice walks can be very beneficial to your health. By spending time outdoors, you allow your little ones to replenish their vitamin D! A natural vitamin that ensures, in moderate quantities, good bone health for your growing toddler.

But BEWARE! We hear everywhere, both on television and on social networks, how long exposure to the sun can be harmful, in the long term, for the health of our skin. If we are asked to wear sunscreen to protect ourselves from UVA and UVB rays, the same is true for our little ones. 

  Their skin is even more sensitive than adults! We must therefore be even more aware of our environment to ensure that we are not fooled by a "sun camouflaged in the sky". Indeed, the sun's rays penetrate the clouds and can be reflected by puddles on the ground. So even if the sun isn't at its zenith, it can still affect our little ones' skin.  

Fortunately, there are good products for toddlers that are completely natural and adapted to their soft and fragile skin. By applying sunscreen every hour of the day, you can ensure that your children have a safe trip outside!

Mild Winter cover Anthracite- Chnichilla :

Better safe than sorry

With these tips in mind, you can prepare yourself properly before spring arrives. The best time to get the right skin care products and clothes for our spring temperatures is now!  

Fortunately, Petit Coulou is here to help you with their Mild Winter Collection covers, which are effective up to temperatures of 20ºC to -10ºC. You will be able to easily walk your little ones with comfort and pleasure all spring long! The Wild Winter Collection cover will allow you to protect your little one from the sun and wind unlike other types of products on the market such as footmuffs and coats. Recommended for use from March to May and August to October, this product is perfect for those months when it can snow one day and be 15°C the next!

Unlike the winter cover, which goes from -30°C to 10°C, there is no need to open it when the temperature is mild outside. The Mild Winter cover, perfectly adapted for the season, allows you to leave your little one in the cover until temperatures of 20°C.  The cover's large neck opening allows air to circulate and is not large enough to accommodate a lot of snow or rain.  Just make sure to put a little hat on the baby and you're done!  

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