Junior cover : perfect for winter activities!

Junior cover : perfect for winter activities!

To chase away the grayness of October and to cheer yourself up, there is nothing better than to get some fresh air. When the days get colder, it's important to dress your little one properly. This is why the Junior cover is an essential for all your fall or winter activities!

Keep on reading to learn more about the versatile features of this multi-season cover.


Throughout fall and winter, it is important to bundle up your newborn baby well since he/she is much more sensitive to temperature fluctuations. It is in the spirit of making life easier for parents that we designed the Junior 2-in-1 cover. Also known as the Sleigh cover, it is particularly suitable for active parents as it fits both sleds and strollers.


The Junior cover is an essential accessory for parents because its use can be extended over several months depending on where you live. So you won't need to get a different cover every season, as it makes family outings easier during winter, spring and fall, as long as you dress your baby correctly for the weather.

Our pride: the Junior 2-in-1 cover is a unique product on the market that adapts to all types of strollers and sleds. Its innovative design offers optimal comfort to the child while avoiding the use of bulky blankets. Also, the double zipper allows the cover to adapt to the growth of the child for more convenience.


Hiking, cardio-stroller, skating with baby: all of these reasons are good to get the Junior 2-in-1 cover. Available in three different colours, here’s a quick rundown of the features of our Sleigh cover.

  • Contains insulating properties that can replace the use of a blanket;

  • Multifunction hood that protects against wind and cold while increasing the comfort and support of the cover;

  • Airtight openings at the back allowing the insertion of harnesses;

  • The cover is not made like our winter covers, so the snowsuit is required for cold winter days;

  • The shape of the cover is designed not to drag on the ground during your walks;

  • The bottom of the cover is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about your child's snowy boots getting wet in the cover;

  • The Junior cover is suitable for children aged 0 months to 3 years, hence the origin of its name;

  • And much more!


At Petit Coulou, we believe in people and in the family. We have therefore decided to get actively involved with Quebec families by setting up a program to recover used car seats or strollers covers.

As the holiday season approaches, we kindly request those who are willing to show generosity to return their cover(s) to our head office so that our team can clean and refurbish them. We will then donate your cover to community organizations or charitable foundations to give families in need privileged access to Petit Coulou products.

But that's not all! With each cover returned, we will gift a new cover to families in greatest need.


Let's finish by remembering the importance of getting a breath of fresh air every day and the benefits that physical activity brings to our morale. The Junior cover is therefore an essential for all active parents!

Need more advice to help you make an informed choice? Petit Coulou experts will be happy to answer all your questions. Visit our online store or contact us on social media.

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