Founded in 2006, Petit Coulou is a Quebec company that designs, manufactures and distributes car seat and stroller covers for babies and young children, as well as a range of complementary accessories.

A pioneer in this field, Petit Coulou enjoys an international reputation and an undeniable notoriety among parents who wish to introduce their children to the pleasures of outdoor activities at an early age, in complete comfort, in all seasons and regardless of weather conditions. You may ask yourself, what does Petit Coulou means ? It's a cute little name that grand mothers or aunty gives the little ones. It simply means Little Munchkin!

More than just products, Petit Coulou covers represent the best partners of young families who want to enjoy the benefits of an active life. Made with superior quality materials that meet the highest safety requirements, Petit Coulou products are practical, comfortable and easy to use, as well as being an excellent value for money and suitable for most models of car seats and strollers for children. Petit Coulou, the essential ally for your family activities!


The women of head, heart and passion behind Petit Coulou!

Created more than 13 years ago by a mother, Petit Coulou still has several women on its team who are themselves mothers or grandmothers. Knowing the reality of today's parents, they have made it their mission to offer families the products best suited to their needs and the safest on the market. Coming from complementary and varied professional backgrounds, these committed and devoted women also know how to use their expertise and talent to design the best car seat and stroller covers, as well as a wide range of complementary accessories.

Like tens of thousands of toddlers, their babies and young children have been lucky enough to benefit from the many advantages of Petit Coulou products. But, above all, these women of head, heart and passion know better than anyone else that what matters most to mothers and fathers in the world is the well-being and happiness of their children!