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Stroller and sleigh Winter Cover - Red

89.99$ 129.99$

Stroller and sleigh Winter Cover - Red

89.99$ 129.99$
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  • Brand: Petit Coulou
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Red baby stroller and sleigh winter cover with wolf faux fur collar*..

The Junior 2-i n-1 cover awith its innovative design is unique on the market.

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  • Product description

    Its shape and attachments make it possible to offer optimal comfort to the child on strollers and sleighs while avoiding the use of bulky blankets.

    This cover simplifies family outings during winter, spring and autumn.

    The double zipper allows the cover to adapt to the child’s growth.

    • Waterproof and breathable materials
    • Superior back insulation for greater comfort
    • Soft fleece lining
    • Double zipper
    • Separable cover
    • Waterproof boot protector
    • Multifunctional hood protecting against wind and cold while increasing the comfort and support
    • Hermetic back openings for the insertion of harnesses
    • Fabric pull tab
    • Embroidered logo

    Suitable for all types of strollers and sleds.

    Recommended for children from 0 months to 3 years (approximately).

    Dimensions : 90 cm (35.5”) x 45 cm (17.75”)

    *colours may differ.

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  • Properties

  • Technnical specifications

    • 200 denier polyester outer fabric with water-repellent coating

    • Anti-pilling polar fleece inner fabric

    • Waterproof footwear 100% polyester 300 denier

    • Imitation polyester fur

    • Molded plastic Velcro® that does not damage fabrics

    • Semi-rigid, breathable insulating foam made of 100% polyester specially designed to maintain its shape after washing

    • Insulating foam made of silky fibres with fine breathable denier 100% high performance polyester

    • Non-allergenic

    • Laboratory tested for non-flammability of textiles. Standard CAN/CGSB-4.2 N 27.5-2008 (flame resistance at 45 degree angle - one second flame application)

    • Laboratory tested according to ISO 11092 2014 test (Chamber condition at 20°C and 65% relative humidity)

    • Clo - 3 : See explanation below

    • Weight : 0,56 kg / 1,4 lbs

    • Size : 90 cm x 35 cm/ 35.5" x 17.75


    What is the CLO?

    The clo is a unit that measures the thermal insulation used for clothing. It is the insulation that allows a person at rest to maintain thermal balance in an atmosphere at 21°C (70°F). Above, the person sweats, below, he feels the cold.

    Clothing insulation Table Header
    Summer shorts and barechested clothing 0,4 clo
    Ski outfit 2 clo
    Light polar equipment 3 clo
    Polar down 8 clo
  • Installation
  • Security


    • Avoid covering the child’s face completely with the cover

    • Always use the harness straps when the child is in the stroller

    • It is very important to read and always follow the instructions manual before using a stroller / sled and Petit Coulou Junior cover for the first time

    • This bag is not a toy. To avoid choking hazard, keep out of reach of children

  • Care
    • Wash in cold water (delicate cycle)
    • Double rinse
    • After use, open the cover to let it dry in the open air
    • Garantie 1 year - Replacement or repairs free of charge under certain conditions. Keep your proof of purchase.

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