7 things to discuss with your partner before having a baby

7 choses à discuter avec votre partenaire avant l’arrivée de bébé

Motherhood sometimes comes as a surprise, sometimes exactly as expected and other times after years of trying and waiting. But one thing we know for sure is that it always comes with a lot of uncertainties. To make life easier, we believe that some subjects should be discussed with your partner before your child’s birth. Keep reading for a list of hot topics you might want to consider!


The first topic is, of course, childbirth. Do you imagine yourself giving birth in a hospital, at home with a midwife or in a birthing center? Giving birth won’t happen many times in your lifetime, so you want to think about every detail of it and consider every risk.

No matter your preferences, be honest with one another and listen to your partner. If you get along beforehand, it will be easier to protect each other’s interests in case of an emergency.

Psst! Aspects such as epidural and photo or video also should be discussed. 


Do you mostly value positive parenting or the power of punishment? As positive parenting is trendy, traditional techniques have proved their strengths and weaknesses over the years. It is crucial to ask yourselves what techniques truly meet your expectations and come to an agreement with your loved one regarding your child’s education.


    How to do that? Meal prep, cleaning, clothes washing and shopping are only a few examples of the many tasks parents have to think about. So each parent feels respected and happy with their life and relationship it is important to divide the tasks equally between them. Eliminate unnecessary tensions by establishing clear rules right away. Sharing is caring!


      Releasing children from the pressure of being a boy or a girl is very controversial yet popular. Do you want your child to grow up in a gendered neutral environment or do you want him/her to know that he/she has a predetermined gender?

      Before taking a decision, you definitely need to talk about it, because the consequences will quickly start to show. What color to paint the baby’s room, what toys to buy, what clothes to choose, how to fill out legal forms, etc.

      5. SCREEN TIME

        Let’s talk about screen use! Everybody has different opinions about it. Some studies show that abusing screen time at a young age is bad for the child’s development and restorative sleep, and can cause attention deficit. On the other hand, some parents love the way it keeps their children calm and quiet. Obviously, some apps are very well recommended for educational purposes.

        What is your point of view? What do you want for your child?

        From limiting screen time to avoiding it completely under a certain age, the possibilities are infinite. What really matters is to find what works best for you.

        6. TABOOS

          Sex, drug, private parts, feces. Taboos are numerous and are daily issues for parents. Do you want to openly talk about those subjects with your child or do you believe that they are considered taboo for a reason?

          Dilemmas around taboos come earlier in life than we think, so you must consider talking about them with your partner even before giving birth. 

          7. RELATIONSHIP

            A baby often makes everything more complicated.The relationship dynamic is drastically altered by fatigue, lack of time and constant changes. But as we all know that a healthy relationship relies on sharing good times, it is really important to keep having those one-on-one moments with your partner after your baby is born. Whether it is a romantic dinner or a week-end in a hotel, find a babysitter and take the time to plan these little moments alone with your loved one. The two words to remember are: quality time.

            It’s not always easy to plan when your life’s really busy. That’s why planning those moments before the birth will force you to take the time and make things easier. Believe us; you will be more than happy to have done it!

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