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Baby on board: your guide for safety

Bébé à bord : sécurité 101

To choose the most adapted and safe car seat for your baby can be very stressful yet important. Between government recommendations, manufacturer’s advice and comments left online, it’s hard to choose wisely. Here are a few tips for you to take into consideration before buying the perfect car seat.


Where is the best place to install your car seat? Every family, every car and every seat is different and you need to check out what's best for you depending on your situation. The best place in the car is where you can have good installation and correct use every time you hit the road.


As recommended by the government, the baby should be facing backwards for at least 1 year, although some manufacturers advise to leave the car seat in this position for the first 2 years. In the event of an accident, a child facing backwards is 5 times less likely to be seriously injured. At 50 km/h, a front-facing car seat would increase to 40% the chances of serious injuries compared to only 8% when facing backwards.

According to the law, children should have a booster seat at all times until they reach 4’9’’ or the age of 9.


When buying a car seat, many companies suggest measuring your vehicle to confirm the fit. A qualified technician will come to your house and confirm the compatibility of the car seat you chose with the vehicle you own. He or she will also explain how to properly install and remove it. As each car has different dimensions, this is a mandatory step to complete. In addition, you will be assured that in case of an accident, your car seat is secure and stable enough to protect your little one. Do you prefer another alternative ? The company Car Seat Clubs offers virtual consultations across the country.


Each car seat has an expiration date that you must be aware of and respect to ensure your child’s safety. This date is often located on the seat itself, but can be found in the user manual or by calling the manufacturer with your serial number.

Furthermore, it is important to ensure that security belts have been passed through every intended opening as this step is mandatory for your child’s security. Additionally, you should know that some seats will be moving even after they have been well installed and this is normal. In the event of an accident, it does not compromise the quality or security of the car seat you own. 


The first step when buying a car seat is to register the serial number on the manufacturer’s website. In case of a manufacturer recall or defect, it’s the only way they can inform you.


Each car seat has different limitations regarding the maximum height and weight of the child. Some seats only fit children with 13’’ to 16’’ torsos. As such, only small children will fit those models, and taller ones will need a longer harness. To make your life easier, look for a car seat featuring an adjustable harness.

Weight is also a very important factor to consider. You should keep your seat facing backwards until your baby is 22, 30 or 35 pounds, depending on the design of your seat. Indeed, always consider the space between the top of the head and the top of the car seat. Depending on the manufacturer you bought from, there should be a 1’’ to 1.5’’ space. 

As soon as the size, the height, the position of the harness or the free space over the head does not meet with the recommendations your child is ready to move on to the next car seat category.

You should check the specifications regularly with the user manual to make sure that all requisites are respected at all times during your child’s growth.

You will also want to consider the weight of the empty seat. The lighter it is, the easier it will be to move around with your baby.

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