Social and environmental commitments

Give it to next : Petit Coulou offers a program to recover its 

used covers in order to help families in need.

At Petit Coulou, we believe in humanity and family, one gesture at a time. 

That's why we have decided to get actively involved with Quebec families by setting up a program to recover used car seat and stroller covers. The objective is to offer families in need, a privileged access to Petit Coulou products, while giving a second or even third life to our products, therefore limiting our impact on the environment.

Mom holding a baby with a Petit Coulou aside

Petit Coulou therefore invites its customers to return their cover(s) to our head office. Our team will clean and refurbish them. We will donate your cover(s) to community organizations or charitable foundations. These organizations will then redistribute them to families in need, to the delight of many babies and young children who will benefit from them!
But that's not all ... each time a cover is returned, Petit Coulou commits to donating a cover in turn. This way, there will be two babies or young children who will benefit from the warmest covers on the market.


Would you like to receive recovered Petit Coulou products to help people in your community? Contact us at 1-866-984-4888 or for all the details.