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9 things to know before a summer birth

9 choses à savoir avant d’accoucher en été

Giving birth in the summer is a source of additional stress for many mothers. But it's important to know that summertime pregnancies aren't all bad news. Here are 9 tips to help you prepare for and enjoy your summer pregnancy. Happy reading!

Make the most of a summer pregnancy

Before giving birth, being pregnant in the summer can be uncomfortable: heat, swollen legs... And yet, summer is a great time for pregnant women! It's a wonderful opportunity to fill up on vitamin D to offset the hormones that make us feel a little jumpy.

1. Buy fewer maternity clothes

Summer makes it easier to choose your maternity clothes and the suitcase you'll need to take to the hospital or maternity ward. Don't forget to make a list of essentials so you don't forget anything, taking into account air conditioning, heat waves... Don't hesitate to take inspiration from our list. You'll be ready for a worry-free vacation with baby!

2. Finish preparing while you're on vacation

The months of July and August are ideal for vacations, when you can take your time to finish your baby's room and prepare for the baby shower... These moments with your partner or family are important to ensure that your newborn's arrival is a calm one and to gently prepare you for his or her return home. It's also the perfect time to ask those around you for a little help before the birth.

Caring for baby in summer, after birth

3. Buy less baby clothes

New moms tend to buy a lot of clothes because, let's face it, our kids are too cute and we want to cherish them before they grow up. But the reality is that in hot weather, baby is more likely to be in diapers than fully dressed. Therefore, it's super easy to manage, costs less and reduces the number of loads of laundry.

If you still want to dress your child in some light clothing, consider a short-sleeved bodysuit, cotton pajamas, or other loose-fitting cotton garment that he or she can easily wear. Avoid wasting money by buying too many summer clothes for your newborn that will quickly become outdated as your baby grows! Focus on comfort with some accessories (such as hats and toques) that can be used year-round.

 4. Remember to keep your baby cool and cozy

The great thing about having a baby in the summer is that outdoor activities are plentiful and affordable. There is no need to stay cooped up at home or run to the mall to keep baby comfortable; you can enjoy the outdoors with your child. Remember, however, that newborns are more susceptible to heat stroke and have a harder time regulating their body temperature. That's why it's important to find shade when you're outdoors, whether it's under trees, a mosquito net over the stroller, or a parasol.

Make sure you have a source of water to keep baby cool, whether at home or out and about: swimming pool, spray bottle, etc. Make sure to pay attention to the temperature of the water in baths and swimming pools.

5. Maintain the same bathing habits

Even if it's very hot outside, don't change the temperature or frequency of your baths. After birth, your baby goes from a 37-degree environment (in the uterus) to a relatively chilly environment where temperature changes are more difficult to manage. That's why it's important to keep the temperature of the bath water about the same as the ambient temperature in your home.

6. Change diapers more often

In hot weather, diapers need to be changed more frequently. Moisture rises more quickly, causing irritation of the bottom skin and discomfort for your baby. Regular diaper changes can help prevent painful and uncomfortable skin problems, which are less common in winter. Use wipes to refresh your little one's skin, and if redness develops, use white clay powder or a natural product that reduces skin moisture.

7. Say goodbye to winter illnesses

In the summer, germs don't travel as far. Your baby is less likely to catch every virus that comes along, making the first few months of life together easier for both of you. Of course, it's important to disinfect toys and avoid contact with other sick children. All of these daily precautions are essential because your baby touches everything and loves to put things in his or her mouth to get to know the world around them.

Petit Coulou's summer car seat covers offer both a physical and psychological barrier, providing safety for both mother and baby. Equipped with a protective net against mosquitoes, wind and UV rays, it's a great way to protect baby and help him or her make the transition to the real world.

8. Protect yourself from the sun to avoid pregnancy mask

Summer is all about sunbathing, but certain pregnancy-related conditions can put the brakes on your enthusiasm. If you're going to be out in the sun during and after pregnancy, it's wise to avoid direct sunlight, especially during the hours when the rays are strongest, between 11 am and 2 pm. In fact, some women may experience what is known as pregnancy mask. This is a hormonal change that causes hyperpigmentation of the skin on the face. The visible result is an uneven tan on the face.

Skin is also more sensitive in the summer, so it's important to protect it more than usual. Use a sunscreen with a higher SPF and seek shade when outdoors.

9. Stay active!

Going for a walk in the evening is a great way to stay active when you're a mom, to put your baby to sleep in peace and quiet, and to spend some quality time alone or with your partner. It's definitely more fun to go out in the evening than to stay cooped up in the house. Take advantage of the outdoors as much as possible, whether during the day or in the evening, for a walk or a yoga session. Make time for yourself so you're fully recharged and ready to take care of your baby!

How do you prepare for a summer birth?

For your own safety and your baby's, it's important to stay properly hydrated during the summer, especially during heat waves. As parents or parents-to-be, the safety and well-being of your child is paramount, and you will want to take the right steps and have all the information before your little one arrives. Whether it's your first or second pregnancy, don't hesitate to talk to your friends and family or a midwife and ask them any questions you may have.

Having a baby in the summer isn't always easy, and this season, like any other, has its share of inconveniences. But it also has so many positive aspects to focus on... Make the most of the moment!

Wishing all moms-to-be and new moms a lovely summer ☀️

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