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Grossesse & maternité9 choses à savoir avant d’accoucher en été

9 things to know before a summer birth

Giving birth in the summer is a source of additional stress for many mothers. But it's important to know that summertime pregnancies aren't all bad news. Here are 9 tips to help you prepare for and...

Grossesse & maternitéRéussir sa baby shower en 2024 avec ces 7 tendances incontournables

Make a success of your baby shower in 2024 with these 7 essential trends

A large majority of moms who are expecting a baby like to organize a baby shower. This event, which brings families and friends together, is a golden opportunity to celebrate the imminent arrival o...

Grossesse & maternitéAllaiter, une symbiose entre vous et votre bébé 

Breastfeeding, a symbiosis between you and your baby

When our child is born, we want to enjoy every little moment with this fragile little being. We want to give him the best of ourselves, to cuddle him and make him feel loved and safe. Breastfeeding...

Grossesse & maternité5 façons de prendre soin de sa santé mentale après l’arrivée de bébé

5 ways of taking care of your mental health after giving birth

Postpartum period impacts a lot on a parent's mental health. By adding little things to your routine you can make a huge difference on your overall well being. You’re looking for ideas? You’re at t...