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Breastfeeding, a symbiosis between you and your baby

Allaiter, une symbiose entre vous et votre bébé 

When our child is born, we want to enjoy every little moment with this fragile little being. We want to give him the best of ourselves, to cuddle him and make him feel loved and safe. Breastfeeding is the perfect time for this, a time of gentleness and tenderness between you and your baby. It's an extremely rewarding experience for mom, and this closeness offers your baby comfort, security and a sense of deep well-being. In order to give you and your baby the best possible breastfeeding experience, there are health professionals and organizations to help you, as well as tips and tricks to make sure everything goes smoothly and calmly. Of course, learning to breastfeed is a personal process between you and your baby. But these tips, although general, are a good start to begin breastfeeding with confidence. Keep in mind that a good latch, with a full mouth, is the key to pain-free breastfeeding.

Do not force breastfeeding, neither for you nor for your baby!

Breastfeeding should be calm, confident and pressure-free. If you or your baby feels nervous, anxious or reluctant to breastfeed, he or she will not drink calmly or at all. As the saying goes: "It's better to give a bottle with love than a breast with reluctance", however, BEFORE you give up, take the time to seek advice from your doctor or other health professional, if only to do the weaning process right for you and your baby. There are several formulas on the market. Don't put pressure on yourself! You are an extraordinary mother, whether you are breastfeeding or not!

Skin-to-skin contact makes your baby feel secure

Not only will this technique optimize the connection between you and your baby, it will also stimulate your little one to wake up and seek your breast. Skin-to-skin contact also reduces crying and stress in your baby, and helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Listen to your baby's signs of hunger

The clock on your watch does not have the absolute truth! That's why you need to listen to your baby and notice the signs that don't lie: your baby moves his head in search of your breast, he brings his fingers or yours to his mouth to suckle, etc.

Make sure your baby is well and has had enough to drink

It's sometimes hard to estimate how much milk a baby is taking in during breastfeeding, especially a newborn, but there are signs that can help you assess whether your little one is drinking enough. After a week since birth, your baby should wet at least 6 diapers in 24 hours, and have recurrent, unobjectionable stools. Also, your baby's weight gain is very positive and is a good sign that he is drinking well and to his appetite.

Place yourself in a quiet, comfortable place to breastfeed where you feel confident.

You both need to feel confident and calm during these periods of total release. If you're not comfortable breastfeeding in a certain place, listen to your inner voice and move to another location, it will make your experience more pleasant.

The breastfeeding experience requires patience

Breastfeeding is a peaceful time that requires practice, trust and appreciation for each other. It takes time and motivation, but with the right guidance, your experience will be all the more beneficial and rewarding! Remember that every baby is different, and so is every mother. If you are unsure, it is recommended that you consult your doctor or other health professional.

Happy breastfeeding!

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