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Petit Coulou, the evolution of a renowned brand of baby car seat covers

Diagramme histoire évolution de la marque Petit Coulou

First called P'tit Coulou, the Petit Coulou baby car seat cover has come a long way since the prototype of the winter cover in 1996. The brand is now so well known that many of you are looking for a "coulou" rather than any other shell cover. Discover how we have worked to develop our products to where they are today!

From P’tit Coulou to Petit Coulou

Petit Coulou is first and foremost a Canadian family business based in Quebec. It’s the story of women who have made it their life’s work to offer families baby car seat covers that meet the needs of active parents and, most importantly, babies.

It all started with a grandmother who wanted to make it easier for her grandson to move around in his winter clothes. It took several years of testing with different materials to create the original covers. The product was developed and tested by several families between 1996 and 2006. You can read more about this in our blog post about celebrating 15 years of Petit Coulou!

Founded in 2006, the company was originally called P'tit Coulou, as the brand's first logo indicates. We started with a blue cover, but our passion for babies led us to create covers with animal patterns a few years later: penguin, butterfly, ladybug... In fact, the ladybug cover became the most popular model in the P'tit Coulou line. Its success allowed it to be available for more than 5 years!

One of the main concerns of parents in the early days of the company was to ensure that the cover would keep their child warm enough. As a result, in 2006, an insulating backing was added to the bottom of the cover to keep babies warm during long outdoor outings.

In 2012, P'tit Coulou became Petit Coulou and chose a new logo! A third logo was created in 2016 to celebrate the brand's 10th anniversary. Two years later, we updated our current logo for a more refined image. You may also notice that our newest product lines also have their own distinctive logo, such as the ECO collection, the Prestige collection and the Duo collection.

The evolution of our range of shell covers

The beginnings of our winter covers

Also in 2012, the first prototype of a cover with rods was released. This new, safer model was the subject of many researches and trials. In fact, the back is completely open, allowing the harness to be in direct contact with the baby. With this new semi-rigid structure, the cover guarantees greater freedom of movement for the baby. Petit Coulou is a pioneer of this concept, sometimes referred to as the "shower cap" cover, when compared to the existing “nid d’ange” or footmuff covers available on the market

A patent was obtained in 2013, in Canada and the United States for this winter cover. The first mid-season product, as well as the first summer shell cover, were also made available to young parents that year in order to enjoy seasonal activities, both in summer and in winter… The first winter cover for strollers was also introduced, as well as several accessories to keep parents and babies warm. The stroller cover was accompanied by mittens for parents, and babies benefited from a beautiful range of hats, mittens, booties and blankets with a gift set. In the same year, Walt Disney-themed winter covers were also launched, with models such as "Race Car" and "Princess".

Coulou baby car seat covers at the forefront of fashion

Petit Coulou celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016! To mark the occasion and to offer our customers an improved quality, the winter cover took on a more classic look, featuring a black colour and the very first vegan fur collar. A more fashionable style designed for mothers rather than babies... The mid-season cover, on the other hand, was now available in 2 new colours.

It was also in 2016 that the summer cover for strollers was born, the result of many hours of work, and patented the same year. This cover is a fantastic product that protects your child from UV rays, mosquitoes, rain, and wind!

Between 2018 and 2020, the "wolf" fur, a high quality vegan fur that can be found today on our most classic models of winter covers, was added, as well as a practical zippered pocket to keep small accessories at hand. In terms of new products, the junior cover, a unique concept adapted to both sleds and strollers, was simultaneously introduced.

In 2019, the summer cover has been innovated with a glow in the dark coating that sets it apart from the competition. In 2020, the first embossed logo (a relief pattern) in vegan leather was created to replace the last embroidered logo. Petit Coulou also distinguishes itself with the addition of 2 new products: the first eco-friendly winter cover and the wool winter cover that is made with a woolen collar. Moreover, the packaging got completely redesigned and is now made from recycled materials, making an ecological gesture for the future of our little ones.

On the other hand, the limited edition Prestige collection was launched in 2021. It features a chic appearance with a metallic logo, a vegan fur interior and a range of accessories, all presented in a beautiful gift box. This year also saw the birth of the first organic cotton toque. It is soft and comfortable and has a vegan fur pompom. Petit Coulou, always attentive to the growing needs of parents, then created the first 3 seasons Duo Cover, a 2-in-1 product with a removable lining. A wonderful innovation that has won over many parents for its practicality in the most unpredictable weather. Always following trends and fashion, new accessories are created by Petit Coulou to go with the new covers. To meet the growing demand, the winter cover finally received a patent attestation in the United Kingdom in 2021. Since then, Petit Coulou has continued to expand internationally!

And it’s only the first step of an exciting journey…

For years, Petit Coulou has been making your life easier with warm, breathable and safe products. Our range is growing to better accompany you in your outdoor activities, every day. Over the years, the evolution of the company and of our products has been recognized by numerous awards. A true appreciation for the work we do!

Petit Coulou Awards

We also have a few surprises in store for you in 2023 and 2024... Stay tuned and browse our online store!

And you, when did you first hear about Petit Coulou? How did you come across the brand?

Share your anecdotes with us in the comments!

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