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Our 5 favorite activities to do this summer with your baby

Nos 5 activités préférées à faire cet été avec bébé

It can sometimes be difficult to find an activity to do with your baby under 12 months. This is why the Petit Coulou team has thought of giving you some ideas for activities to do with your baby.

Here’s our list of 5 activities you can do this summer:


Did you know that there’s many Stroller-cardio groups? These groups offer you to spend time in good company but also to get in shape! We recommend Le Stroller Club founded by Sarah Stem and Cardio Plein air, which are both walking clubs for mums and future mums! You can benefit from this activity in any city in Quebec since most of them offer this service.

Prepare baby for this outdoor outing with our fabulous summer cover! In addition to protecting him/her from mosquitoes, our cover also protects your baby from UVA and UVB rays. So, you can have a good time without any hassle!

Get in shape with your little one

Why don’t you start the day with a fitness class with your mini? This activity can be a great way to build a relationship with your child while getting your heart rate up. Rest assured, this service is offered everywhere in Quebec. In addition, baby will be happy to participate!

Swimming together

Newborns are equipped with incredible mobility underwater, that’s what we call "swimming reflexes". This is why many parents want their child to start swimming lessons at a very young age. This type of course is offered in several public pools in Quebec. It’s therefore a very accessible activity for everyone to do this summer!

Trip to the museum

What about a trip to the museum with your newborn? We recommend the McCord Museum, which is full of outdoor activities like historical walks, visits to the urban forest and urban circuits. Activities for parents and babies are offered on Wednesday afternoons. In addition, for children 12 and under, the admission is completely free!

Yoga with your baby

Mommy-baby yoga allows you to take time for yourself and for your baby. This type of activity also allows you to find harmony and connect with your baby. Always in the spirit, to make beautiful encounters! Obviously, in the summer we want to enjoy the good weather. There are mother-baby yoga classes offered outside, which will allow you to enjoy the sun.

From all the Petit Coulou team, we hope you enjoy your summer with your baby!

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