Everything you need to know about the 3 Seasons Cover: Fall, Winter, Spring

Tout savoir sur la housse 3 saisons : automne, hiver, printemps

A shell and car seat cover for fall, winter and spring

The Petit Coulou 3 Seasons Cover is designed to accompany you in spring, fall and winter to ensure the greatest comfort for your child. The 3 Seasons Cover is an infant shell and car seat cover. You will be able to install it easily on your baby's equipment thanks to its elastic contour, that perfectly fits the contour of your car seat.

What is a 3 Seasons Cover?

As a mother, you want the best for your baby. To ensure his or her well-being, you will want to choose the right shell and car seat cover. How to do it?

Petit Coulou offers you a wide range of products for your little one. They are designed to meet the needs of active families. Prepare your baby for your outdoor activities by choosing a cover that adapts to your lifestyle, the weather and the temperature!

Designed in Canada, the 3 Seasons Cover is a shell and car seat cover that can be used in the spring, fall, as well as in the winter. We recommend using it between September and May. This will provide the best comfort for your child. 

Protect your baby with a Petit Coulou shell cover with a removable inner lining

Your little one needs to be protected outside the house, both in winter and in spring when nature awakens. The cover is designed to protect your child from cold temperatures and inclement weather such as rain or snow. It is windproof, and it also filters out germs and noise to insulate the car seat. The car seat cover is made of warm and soft materials such as machine washable synthetic faux fur. It also feels good on your baby's skin and is conducive to his or her wakefulness. These high-quality materials have been tested and found to withstand temperatures as low as -30°C (-22°F) with the liner and -10°C (14°F) without it. The liner keeps your toddler warm and snug inside the shell by using 2 layers of insulation:

  • a semi-rigid, breathable foam;
  • and high-quality silky fibers.

The main feature that distinguishes the 3 Seasons Cover from the other Petit Coulou covers is the removable lining, which is especially appreciated by parents. It is held in place by two zippers that make sure that it doesn't come loose and allows you to take it off in a few seconds.

This allows you to replace your baby's snowsuit or winter overalls when you go outdoors, during your vacations…

 A simple way to install your car seat cover

Previously known as the DUO cover, the 3 Seasons Cover provides structural support and holds its shape. It protects your baby and gives him or her the space they need to move around. It also adapts to all rear-facing car seats up to 16 kg.

The cover is easy and safe to install on many types of car seats. Simply remove the sun visor and pull the elastic band around the seat in the same way as you would with a mattress cover. It is recommended that you push the rods of the cover outwards before inserting the toggle button around the handle of the seat. You will then need to open the cover completely before you can comfortably place your baby inside. Finally, all that's left to do is to securely adjust the straps of the harness to your child thanks to the completely exposed bottom of the cover.

Watch the installation of the cover in pictures and see how to install the insulated backing for outdoor use: Click here to see the video

Awarded by Baby Maternity Magazine, the 3 Seasons Cover is a must-have for active parents. Easy to use, it will keep your child warm from fall to spring. Discover our model in our online shop!

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