Someone you love is becoming a new parent?

Quelqu'un que vous aimez devient un nouveau parent?

Starting a family comes with a fair share of surprises ... and difficulties. There are many challenges and contingencies that come with parenthood, and as a friend we know that you want to help the best you can. Here is a guide with tips for supporting a family in their new job; being parents. We hope you’ll like it!


Parents often forget the one thing they need the most; eating. As a visitor, it is always recommended to arrive with frozen or fresh meals like lasagna, shepherd’s pie, pasta, or these one-pot meals for a slow cooker. The easier for them to prepare, the better.

And while you are there, you can always help with other tasks around the house. Washing the fruits and cutting the vegetables are just two of them.

PARENT TIP: Ready-to-eat meals are still a very good option for the first weeks or months as they don't require you to go to the grocery store, nor looking for recipes.


If someone you love just had a second or third child, he/she will be grateful if you offer to babysit the oldest kid for an afternoon or even overnight. That way he/she might get time to relax, finish any tasks on the list or enjoy a few hours with his/her lover.

If you can’t afford that for any reason, folding clean clothes or cleaning dishes are other things you can do to help a bit. Also keep in mind that anything you’ll do will help after all.

PARENT TIP: Make a to-do list of everything you don’t have time to do and give it to your visitors when they have time. It is the best way to get the help you really need and to ask for it without feeling ashamed. Have you tried it?


We are used to buying gifts for the baby, but who really takes the time to think about the parents? Offering a spa day, a ready-to-eat meals subscription or self-care products are amazing ideas that parents will love and benefit from more than you think. 

PARENT TIP: Put those ideas on your baby shower list so your friends really consider it when the time comes. You deserve it! If you need ideas, this New Parents gift set is a good and affordable option.

Gift set - New parents


To allow new parents to rationalize their feelings, it is super important to listen to them whenever they need to talk. Some parents have a hard time and a safe space can change it all. If you can, offer advice or reassure the confused parent. Remember, there isn’t only one way to do things.

PARENT TIP: Don't hesitate to call on your friends and family network when things aren't going well. Talking frees emotions and streamlines the hardest situations.

Standing by a new parent can be quite tricky, but we hope these tips will help you be a right-hand, and make a difference in the daily lives of your loved ones. Parenthood is a big challenge, but also a positive and rewarding journey!

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