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5 ways of taking care of your mental health after giving birth

5 façons de prendre soin de sa santé mentale après l’arrivée de bébé

Postpartum period impacts a lot on a parent's mental health. By adding little things to your routine you can make a huge difference on your overall well being. You’re looking for ideas? You’re at the right place.

New parents tend to direct all their attention toward their child, which can negatively affect their mental health. In order to take care of a little human through all the ups and downs of parenthood, they need to be in the right state physically, psychologically and emotionally.


    Whether it's your gynecologist, your doctor or the pharmacist, see a professional to ask any question you may have. Talking with the right person will take the weight from your shoulders and bring your confidence back.


      Finding a moment to be alone as a new parent can be pretty tricky to achieve, but know that the result is worth it. Try to find at least 15 minutes daily to do something to relax. You can listen to the music you like, meditate, talk on the phone with a friend, drink tea, stretch or take a bath. The activity doesn’t really matter, as long as you feel better afterwards.

      Feed your mind to then be able to give the best of you to your family.


        Taking a walk everyday — whether it is alone, with your baby or with a group — is crucial for a healthy mind and body. Breathing fresh air, moving, secret endorphins and getting out of the house are only a few benefits of moving daily.

        Maternity groups also exist in pretty much every city and allow you to join group activities and share with other parents going through the same challenges you are. Try to find one if you can and grow your network.


          Social media can be inspiring and motivating yet also often lead to comparison. Seeing other parents owning it when you can barely take a shower a day can be hard on self-esteem.

          Seeing parents doing fancy photoshoots in perfect backgrounds while you only have a few photos in your backyard with dry milk on your shirt is the ideal situation to feel more self-conscious than ever.

          Remember that what you see on social media is not real life and is never as perfect as it seems. Nor is it a scale to measure your ability as a parent. If you’re starting to feel low maybe you should decrease your screen time on social networks for a while and stop looking to compare yourself because it is not going to make you feel any better.


            This section is probably the most important of this blog post. The best way to feel happy with your abilities is to keep your expectations low. The way to do so is to fix daily goals that are reasonable and achievable in your situation. Eating three times a day, sleeping well and showering daily are realistic goals. Find yours and keep up to them.

            Making your life easier and happier by taking care of yourself has a direct impact on the well being of your baby. The key is to do whatever it takes and whenever you need it.

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