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Pay it forward : a perfect way to help mothers-to-be in need !

Donner au suivant : une façon concrète d’aider les futures mamans dans le besoin !

On the edge of starting a holiday season that promises to be snowy and chilly, Petit Coulou calls for customers' generosity to give back to the people in need in a concrete and committed way.

With the recovery of used car seats or strollers covers program, Petit Coulou wishes to offer mothers and children in need the opportunity to enjoy a warm and radiant winter.

Love and great kindness to share!

As a company that cares about the well-being of parents and their little ones, we firmly believe in the importance of standing together during most difficult times.

Petit Coulou, since its beginnings, has advocated generosity and mutual aid between all parents in the province. In a society where our children create the world of tomorrow, we owe it to ourselves to provide them with all the love, empathy and care they need to thrive.

Which is why, on October 27th 2021, the entire Petit Coulou team visited the Centre Marie Eve to donate a total of 20 covers to the organization, as well as several baby accessories to mothers in need.

It was a day full of strong emotions : The Centre Marie Eve’s staff was not only extremely grateful and sensitive to this outpouring of generosity, but the Petit Coulou team was very happy to know that these covers, refurbished, would make a real difference in the life of several families. Having a colleague at Petit Coulou who benefited from this organization’s services before, we were all very anxious to give back.

Give a second life to your equipment

At Petit Coulou, we believe that every family should benefit from quality baby equipment as the winter season approaches.

It can be difficult to find a responsible and practical alternative to the products and equipment that we have bought for our littles ones, but unfortunately no longer use at home.

Which is why offering your used covers as a gift is such an amazing idea!

This way, your gear will not end up in the back of your wardrobe, and allow one more family to enjoy winter in peace and comfort.

It is with a heart filled with love that we can all bring communities together and bring sweetness to families in need, as the New Year arrives.

The magic of the holiday season! 😉

An organization helping expecting mothers in need

The Centre Marie Eve is an organization that serves more than 20 towns in the Basses-Laurentides, which aims to welcome and support women during pregnancy as well as during the first two years after birth.

Founded in 1982 following an awareness of the issues linked to the loneliness that some women who carry their pregnancies to term may experience, the Centre Marie Eve aims to offer future mothers autonomy and useful tools for the adaptation of their new reality.

It is in an environment that promotes solidarity, self-confidence and female empowerment that the organization offers services that promote the development of parenting skills, such as personalized psychosocial support, group meetings, and material donations.

To learn more about Centre Marie Eve :

To learn more about our recovery of used car seats or strollers covers program :

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