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Autour de bébéHousse hiver doux Réglisse PCM9000,

How to care for your little ones in springtime

So how do you ensure that your little ones have a safe and fun spring? That's what we're going to tell you in this blog post!

Autour de bébéLe cancer du nourrisson : une maladie qui n’aime pas jouer

Infant Cancer: a disease that doesn't like to play

When we are expecting a baby, our greatest wish before he comes into the world is that he is healthy. We hope that his brain is well-formed, his lungs are developed, his heart beats normally, and t...

Autour de bébéLes câlins : une source inépuisable de bienveillance et de douceur

Hugs: an inexhaustible source of kindness and softness

Do you like to give hugs and snuggles to the people around you? When you hug someone, you feel good, rested and happy? Wonder no more: hugs have psychological, physiological and social benefits th...

Autour de bébéComment bien choisir sa housse pour son enfant ?

How to choose the right cover for your baby ?

There is a cover for each child. Summer car seat cover, 3-season cover, winter cover: there is no shortage of choice on the market and Petit Coulou offers a vast selection.

Autour de bébéComment protéger votre bébé durant la saison estivale?

How to protect your baby this summer ?

The heat can get intense in the middle of the summer, which is why it is crucial to always carry with you a few accessories to ensure your baby’s comfort. As your little one can’t regulate its body...

Autour de bébéBébé à bord : sécurité 101

Baby on board: your guide for safety

To choose the most adapted and safe car seat for your baby can be very stressful yet important. Between government recommendations, manufacturer’s advice and comments left online, it’s hard to choo...

Autour de bébé5 conseils pour le retour à la maison avec votre nouveau-né

5 Tips: coming back home with your baby

The first days at home with a newborn are not easy. You find yourself alone with a little stranger who is experiencing emotions over your head. And mom is tired, lost and often overwhelmed. And it...