Petit Coulou celebrates its 15th anniversary!

Petit Coulou celebrates its 15th anniversary!

Petit Coulou is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year! For the occasion, we wanted to share with you the real story behind the creation of the company.


It was initially in 1996 that the prototype of the winter cover was created in a grandmother’s little sewing workshop. As funny as it may seem, it was her second grandson who was her inspiration. At the time, the newborn complained because he was not able to suck his thumb when he was wearing his snowsuit. Since there was no other alternative on the market, the lady therefore took advantage of this opportunity to create a unique product that was warm enough to withstand the cold of winter, comfortable enough to wear and offer the child full freedom of movement.

More excited than ever by this project, the mother of the son and his mother then sat down at their sewing machine to make the first samples of the cover and to experiment with the different fabrics and materials. Several years later, the mother-daughter duo hired seamstresses to help with the manufacture of the car seat covers so that they could turn their hobby into their profession.

It was then in 2006 that the Petit Coulou family business was founded in order to provide the best for babies and to simplify family outings all year round. And what better way than to pay homage to her muses by naming the company after the affective names that the grandmother liked to give to her grandchildren: her "p'tits coulous", which means «little munchkins» .


Over the years, Petit Coulou has come a long way to become the renowned company it is today. One of the first steps in the process was getting the product to market rather difficult. After many door-to-door attempts to market the product, it was fate that introduced us to these visionary women. They then turned to our expertise so that we could take the reins of the business and help them with the high costs of supply and labor.

Together, little by little, we reworked and improved the product in order to bring it up to date, we developed new models of covers (special mention to our best seller: the Ladybug cover! 😉) and we brought a patent to guarantee the concept and the quality of our covers. As an industrial designer, our associate vice-president, Isabelle Messier, uses her eye for design and her spirit for detail to always reinvent our products in order to meet the needs of parents over the years.

This association between the two families allowed us to join forces to increase the visibility of the brand and allowed us to obtain our first exclusive contract with the Clément boutiques, which resulted in several beautiful partnerships with other resellers across Canada. Now and forever, Clément holds a unique place in our hearts.


To this day, Petit Coulou remains a family business that brings together in its team several women who are themselves mothers or grandmothers and who are well aware of the reality of parents today. These committed and dedicated women share the same mission: to provide families with products best suited to their needs and the safest on the market, in addition to contributing to the well-being and happiness of tens of thousands of toddlers.

More than simple products, Petit Coulou covers are an indispensable ally for young families wishing to enjoy the benefits of an active life. Manufactured with superior quality materials that meet the highest safety requirements, Petit Coulou products are practical, comfortable and easy to use, in addition to representing excellent value for money and adapting to most models of car seats and strollers for children.


Thank you very much to all our customers for your support and your trust over the years! It is thanks to you that Petit Coulou enjoys an international reputation and an undeniable notoriety among parents.

For more information, visit the various sections of our website or contact our team.

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