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How to choose the right cover for your baby ?

Comment bien choisir sa housse pour son enfant ?

There is a cover for every child. Car seat cover, stroller cover, sled cover: there is no limit of choice on the market and Petit Coulou offers a wide selection.

Before shopping, we invite you to read this guide to determine which cover to choose according to your needs and the month of birth of your baby.


In Quebec, we are fortunate to live in a province with four seasons, each one as beautiful as the other. Who says seasonality, says frequent change of temperatures. As a parent, this requires us to plan for everything you might need to face the weather. 

To cover all seasons, we designed three types of car seat covers. Thus, you will know which model to buy according to the month of birth of your little one.


The summer car seat cover offers unparalleled 4-in-1 protection, true to the quality and reputation of Petit Coulou. With a UPF50 rating, a mosquito net and a rear cord for adjustment, the cover is perfect for protecting your baby's fragile skin from the sun and other biting insects.

We particularly like it for its removable sun visor with zipper to protect your child from UVA and UVB rays, wind and rain. Also, its three arches of structural support offer a greater freedom of movement.

Check out this recent article to learn how to use it properly.


At Petit Coulou, we offer two models adapted to colder weather.

The winter cover, made for temperatures from -30 ° C to 10 ° C, acts as a snowsuit. Its fleece-lined interior ensures maximum comfort while its easily removable insulating bottom increases the warmth of the cover during long outdoor walks.

The 3 seasons cover, on the other hand, is designed for temperatures down to -30 ° C to 15 ° C. Like a coat with a removable lining, the 3 seasons cover will meet your seasonal needs from September to May. It can be used during the 3 seasons: fall, winter and spring. Made with quality materials, this cover has a removable lining that can be easily zipped off to provide extra coolness on the warmer days of the seasons.

Both offer the same popular features that parents love, including:

  • Water-repellent and breathable materials;

  • A zipper allowing full opening;

  • An optimal structural support preventing sagging on the baby;

  • A front pocket with an integrated zipper;

  • A certificate of authenticity affixed inside to certify that the cover is a real Petit Coulou;

  • A symbol of quality and safety informing you of the suggested degrees of coldness.


Be sure to dress your newborn with a beanie, little booties and a pair of mittens when using our winter and 3 seasons covers.

Fortunately, Petit Coulou has a wide range of accessories to meet your needs and those of your baby.

Discover our accessories here


Our favorite is certainly the 3 seasons cover. This cover will be your best ally for transporting and keeping your little one warm during the months of September to May. But since summer is not to be neglected, and that your baby deserves to be protected from mosquitoes and the sun, the summer cover is also a must!


As you can see, Petit Coulou covers protect your baby all year round. Regardless of his/her birth month, you have various options available to you.

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