Make a success of your baby shower in 2022 with these 7 essential trends

Make a success of your baby shower in 2022 with these 7 essential trends

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A large majority of moms who are expecting a baby like to organize a baby shower. This event, which brings families and friends together, is a golden opportunity to celebrate the imminent arrival of a little one who will certainly change everyone's lives.

If the urge to organize this activity takes you, but you do not know where to start, follow this list of the 7 current trends in terms of baby showers!

Flowers are quite the allies

In 2022, flowers are put forward to create friendly, soft, light and delicate spaces. Whether it's for an event in summer or winter, all the reasons are good to decorate your environment with flowers that represent your personality, and that of the baby to come!

Word balloons

Want to create a personalized decor while being dynamic? Balloons spelling out baby's names are adorable! The vast majority of decoration stores offer 1001 options to meet all your desires, so don't be shy, and write what you want on the wall!

Gender-neutral colours

This trend wouldn't have been so trendy a few years ago, but now it's on everyone's lips! Moms who host baby showers face incredible challenges by making it their goal not to use the famous pinks and blues that are typical for babies. And you, will you give it a shot?

It has to shine

Right now,all that glitters are in order for your baby shower! Whether it's gold, silver or even glitter, the decorations resulting from these colour hues are stunning! In addition, they can work with both little boys and little girls!

Surprise your guests

Do you want to create an event that will be unforgettable for your guests? Bet first on an original theme that is out of the ordinary! By thinking outside the box, and choosing a playful, dynamic and original theme, you promise your family and friends that they will have a great time, from the beginning to the end of your baby shower!

Organize fun games

A baby shower would not really be one if there were not, during the day, games related to motherhood! Whether it's guessing a baby's name, changing busy miscarriages, or guessing the flavours of baby jars, activities like these always generate lots of laughs and engagement from mom, dad, and all of their guests!

Make your own decorations

We all know that a baby requires spending a lot of money, whether on clothes, diapers, or materials for the room. A trend that has been around for a few years now allows you to save money on a baby shower while adding a lot of cachet and authenticity! By creating your own decorations, you will enjoy your day even more, since you will have put all your heart and effort into it to make it a success.

But above all, don't forget...

This big party should be, first and foremost, a moment of happiness and joy for mom and dad. This gathering is a special occasion to appreciate the beginning of a life, and the changes that will occur in the lives of the parents.

And you, which tips and tricks from this list are you going to use for your own baby shower?

Need baby shower gift ideas?

Check out our babyshowers gift ideas page for inspirations for parents-to-be gifts.

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