How to dress your baby according to the seasons?

How to dress your baby according to the seasons?

Petit Coulou’s covers are made to suit every season. Whether it’s cold or warm outside, your little one will be protected from the elements. But how should he be dressed to prevent him from getting too hot once in his cover?

First of all, remember that if you are hot in your winter coat, your baby will feel the same in its cover. Do with it exactly what you are doing for yourself.

The winter cover has 2 layers of insulation and can keep your baby warm from 10°C to -30°C. It acts a bit like a winter coat, meaning that it’s not recommended to use it when the weather gets warmer in the spring.

That’s why you must always open the cover once inside a building or in the car. Otherwise, your baby will get too hot. 

On the other hand, once outside, it all depends on the kind of activity you will be doing and the weather conditions. If you plan on staying outside for small periods of time, to go in and out of the car for example, we recommend:

  • A hat
  • A warm pyjama
  • A light blanket 

But if you are planning to stay in the cold for a few hours,taking a long walk for example, we recommend:

  • A hat
  • A warm pyjama
  • Slippers
  • Mittens
  • A blanket


It is not necessary, at any time, to cover your Petit Coulou with an additional blanket. The opening is important as it lets the air out. If it was to snow during your activity, don’t worry, the opening is not big enough to let the snow through. 

The cover acts the same way as an igloo, meaning that the accumulated heat rises towards the opening and makes the snowflakes melt even before they touch the baby. It is scientifically proven, trust us. 

The one thing to remember: don’t cover your Petit Coulou with a blanket, that would block the hot air from going out and may cause overheating. 


We always recommend putting a hat on, as it’s proven that 10% of the body heat is lost through the head. 

As for mittens, slippers and blankets, they are not mandatory, but can greatly improve the comfort of your little one. They are especially important when long hours are spent outside, during a long stroller ride for example. 

But beware! You need to make sure that baby is not overheating, because the consequences could be as severe as with the cold. The temperature under the cover should be checked regularly and adjusted accordingly. The best way to validate it is to check that the back of the neck is not wet, as that means that baby is too hot. Every kid is different, and it is important to adjust to their own metabolism. 


Mild winter car seat cover Anthracite / Chinchilla

The mild winter cover only has one layer of insulation and protects your baby from -10°C to 20°C. It’s perfect for the quick changes in temperature we experience during spring and for the cool summer and fall evenings. This cover is ideal for babies born in the spring. 

When inside or when the outside weather rises, it’s not necessary to open it. Also, you can dress the baby as you would normally do without him overheating. 

Recommended from March to May and from August to October, the mild cover is the perfect one for the months when it snows one day and rises to 15 degrees the next. 

Here is the ULTIMATE guide for our Petit Coulou depending on the time of the year!

For sure, each season is different and varies in strength and severity of weather conditions from year to year.Please note that this information is based on the average weather conditions for the province of Québec.


During summer, dress your baby as you would normally do, as the cover acts more like a protection against UV rays and mosquitoes. The fabric blocks up to 98% of the UV rays, is breathable — to prevent overheating — and is waterproof. It is still recommended to let the children under 12 months in the shade.

Summer baby stroller cover Grey / Blue

Summer baby car seat cover Tropical / Grey

For any other question, don’t hesitate to contact us or to consult the FAQ section of our website, which includes many answers given in this article. 

Petit Coulou’s team wish you a wonderful summer with your little sunshine.

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